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Four Bands Community Fund
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Investing in Four Bands Community Fund and Native Entrepreneurs
Four Bands Community Fund invites individuals, banks, and other institutions to help us expand our available capital for our small business borrowers. Low interest investments in the form of a loan to Four Bands, allow us the use of funds that we can, in turn, reinvest in worthy small businesses in the community. You might also think of it as a social investment in the community.

Download our investment application.

Aeris Rating
While Four Bands is not a federally regulated financial institution, we have received a rating from Aeris, an information service for community investors who champion economic justice in underserved markets. Since 2004, Aeris has provided data, analysis, and advisory services that support investment in community development financial institutions (CDFIs). Our proprietary CDFI ratings tool - CARS®, the CDFI Assessment and Ratings System - helps investors evaluate opportunities that meet their impact goals and risk parameters. More than 50 of the nation's leading community investors subscribe to Aeris' data and analysis products.

Impact Performance Rating: AA
The Impact Performance Rating is an assessment of how well our CDFI does what we say we are trying to do. This rating is based on an assessment of Four Bands' effective use of our financial resources to achieve our stated mission and how our activities contribute to our mission and benefit disadvantaged people and communities. Available ratings for Impact Performance are AAA, AA, A and B; with AAA being the best. Four Bands received a rating of AA on Impact Performance.

Policy Plus
Four Bands received the Policy Plus rating. Policy change is an integral part of this CDFI's strategies. Four Bands leads initiatives to change government policy to benefit the community development finance industry or disadvantaged people and communities. We have provided evidence of its leadership role in recent policy changes that produced benefits beyond additional resources for the CDFI itself, and management can clearly articulate the CDFI's leadership role in current policy activities.

Financial Strength and Performance Rating: 3
The rating for Financial Strength and Performance (FSP) is an assessment of Four Bands' overall credit worthiness. This rating is based on an analysis of our past financial performance, current financial strength, and apparent risk factors. The methodology is based on the CAMEL analysis used by regulators to rate banks. CAMEL stands for Capital (or capitalization), Asset quality, Management (including strategy, governance, management and staff, and infrastructure and management information systems), Earnings, and Liquidity. Available ratings for Financial Strength and Performance are 1 to 5, with 1 being the best. Four Bands received a rating of 3 on Financial Strength and Performance.

Download our Aeris rating certification.