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SERVICES- lending

"It's a really good feeling to know that there are people out there that want their community to grow, and I'm grateful that there are organizations like Four Bands that are willing to help people. Without them, I don't know how we would have done it. It makes me want to be successful."

Tammy Frank, Owner of Basic Hardware in Isabel, SD

Four Bands offers a loan fund program available for Native American and permanent residents of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, as well as enrolled Tribal members who reside in the state of South Dakota. Our range of loan products fit the needs of artisans, small business owners, and those just looking to build personal assets.

Four Bands is committed to growing Native businesses. If you have an idea or your project requires special financing outside of our regular terms, please visit with our friendly staff. Exceptions to rates and terms can be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Our business loans can be used for equipment and inventory purchases, working capital, acquisition of land or buildings, construction of buildings, and/or leasehold improvements for a commercial space. Loan applicants must complete CREATE and develop a business plan.

Micro Loan (under $50,000)
The Micro Loan is a great financing solution for the beginning entrepreneur. It can provide the start-up capital necessary to launch a new small-scale business venture or to expand an existing business.
Terms: Interest Rates 8-10%, Length of Repayment up to 10 Years (base on collateral life)

Small Business Loan ($50,001 - $250,000)
Our Small Business Loan is a perfect solution for the entrepreneur looking to start or expand operations on a larger scale.
Terms: Interest Rates 6-8%, Length of Repayment up to 20 Years

Business Line of Credit (up to $50,000)
The Business Line of Credit can be used by existing businesses to meet cash flow needs. Applicants must submit financials and qualify based on A rated loan status.
Terms: Interest Rate 8%, Length of Term up to 1 Year (renewable upon approval)

Four Bands is one of the only financial institutions on the reservation that report to the credit bureaus to help you build a positive credit history. Consumer loans, including the Green Consumer Loan and the Credit Builder Loan, can be used to make purchases or pay existing debt. Loans are paid directly to the vendor or creditor. Applicants of our consumer loans must successfully complete financial literacy and develop a personal budget.

Credit Builder Loan (up to $3,000, exceptions up to $5,000)
The Credit Builder Loan is often times the first step for aspiring entrepreneurs as it enables them to build a positive credit history. Consumers can use this loan to pay off or consolidate debt.
Terms: Interest Rates 10-12%, Length of Repayment 2-3 Years