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SERVICES - managing and saving money

Derek Fiddler, an IDA program participant, opens a savings account at the Eagle Butte Bank with Mitzi Schrempp.
Four Bands offers a class on personal financial management, the use of credit, and ways to build assets. An individual development account (IDA) program encourages and enables individuals, including youth to set aside money in a savings account that can work toward building an asset base and pattern of saving money. The money saved by participants in the IDA program is matched by the program.

Four Bands is excited to have Tribal Ventures as a partner in our IDA savers and adult financial literacy programs. Tribal Ventures is a Tribal nonprofit enterprise implementing a ten-year poverty reduction program, and the Tribe. Working together with Tribal Ventures, we will help people avoid the traps that so many of us fall into with our money through education and savings plans.

Four Bands is committed to Reservation-wide financial education. We offer regular orientation workshops to help you learn about how to participate in our IDA Savers program.